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Map NY was created by Dr. John Logan and a team under his direction, while he was Director of the Lewis Mumford Center at the University at Albany. Dr. Logan continues this research as a faculty associate of the Mumford Center and as Professor of Sociology at Brown University.  Further information about his activities can be found at the website of the American Communities Project.

The Map New York project, a map-based information system developed with ArcIMS, connects communities with helpful information using data from the census as well as state and federal agency reports. Our project provides city, town and tract level information and, in a separate mapping page, county level data as well.

Before you begin, please make sure you are using Explorer or a version of Netscape higher than 4.7 as your browser.

The Map NY application has two components: one for census tracts/towns level data which allows the user to map neighborhoods and one for county level data, useful in making comparisons across counties.

You can access the census tract/town level map OR the county level map and start our interactive mapping applications by clicking the appropriate map application link at the bottom of this page or the Map Application button on the menu tabs at the top of the page.

Once you click the links a new window appears with the title of the mapping system - Map New York Tracts/Town OR Map New York Counties in the upper left hand side corner of the page.  Just below the title, you are asked to Choose a category then Choose a variable to map.

Just below this text is the first of two drop down menus allowing you to choose a category to map such as Population and Immigration or Race and Ethnicity and then to choose a variable such as Population density or Percent minority.

After choosing a category and variable, use the Zoom in tool (  Zoom In) found on the tool bar above the map and click on the map in the area of your tract and/or town or in the case of the Map New York Counties system, the county.

For more information about using our Map NY project, click on our HELP menu button above or, once you have chosen your map, on the upper left hand side of the Map Window. This HELP page, which includes an example of how to use Map NY, will be enhanced very shortly with an audio power point presentation to help you better understand the incredible usefulness of this mapping system. Also, just below the HELP button you can click on Abbreviations for a key to the abbreviations used throughout the Map Application.

If you need additional help in navigating the site please contact Merci Miglino at 518-442-2579


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